December 10, 2017

The Principle of Secret Wealth

Where you’ll find your secret wealth.  Using all your gifts.  How you can prosper from a principle that has created three billion dollars worth of increased sales and profits.  Who is Jay Abraham?  Understanding that you are a business.  Rediscovering passion, purpose and focus.

Your Wealth Inventory

Uncovering your secret wealth.  Taking stock of your intangible assets with a personal inventory.  the skills list.  The knowledge list.  The relationship list.  The life-changing realization of your true value.  Taking the quantum leap.

The Secret Wealth Mindset

Life is here to be lived fully, so why do anything else?  Seven basic concepts that drive the secret wealth principle.  Getting rid of self-limiting rules.  A 30-day experiment of discovery.  Using leverage.  Starting small to get results.  Living outside your box.  Problem = a screaming opportunity.  How to use creative emulation.

Your Life as a Paying Proposition

Are you a non-profit organization or a paying proposition?  Understanding what your customer, employer, or spouse wants.  Adopting the super-servant attitude.  Learning to market and innovate.  Distinguishing yourself.  Three ways to grow the richness of your life.  Learning from Schlitz beer.  Could you be restricting your own wealth?

Establish Your USP

The edge that makes all the difference.  what is a USP?  communicating your “uniqueness” to others–gently.  The difference between bragging and educating.  Experimenting with the expression and presentation of your USP.  Seeing what works.  Why people want you to lead them.  Five simple steps for creating your USP.

Getting People to Buy You, Your Ideas, Your Product or Service

The ethical bribe.  Using risk reversal.  Whose pony would you buy?  Why you must deliver at least what you promise, and preferably more.  Going for more than a single transaction.  The power of referrals in business and in life.  An Australian dentist’s story.  Four steps for gaining and sustaining referrals.

Relationship Power

The most powerful way to grow yourself, your mind and your income.  Striving to be interested, not interesting.  Optimizing relationships.  The diving boarder vs. the Parthenon.  Sustaining, reactivating and rekindling relationships.  How and why others will push you where you need to go.  host-beneficiary.  Flexible deal-making.

The Key to Creating innovation and Adding Value

An airline flight to remember.  The philosophy of testing.  Getting everything you can out of everything you’ve got.  the power in the headline.  What are you offering?  Analyzing your performance.  going from mediocre to good to great.  Measuring results.  Innovation: a series of questions to ask yourself.

Getting Leverage Through Others

Eight Principles that guarantee successful and profitable relationships.  Discovering the reward in every conversation.  Using a common language.  Uncovering needs.  Providing solutions.  what people really care about.  Hot buttons.  What will pass you by when you’re consumed with yourself.  What you get when you share yourself.

The Eternal Value of Integrity

Revering yourself.  How do you behave under adversity?  Integrity for the long-term.  The keys to having a good reputation.  What to do when you’ve been disappointed by someone.  Defining integrity for yourself.  Eight questions for self-alignment.

Uncovering Your Instant Jackpot

” Every human being I have ever met possesses instant jackpots.  All you have to do is identify them, recognize them, believe they are there and believe you are entitled to harvest them.”  Jay Abraham

The goal of this module: To help you identify and harvest, at least one, and preferably multiple instant jackpots for yourself and your family.

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